Status Report 05/06/2024 - Hey


Remember when I said I was gonna do monthly status reports? So yeah... I fucked up lol. I'm not gonna give any excuses, I just straight up forgot and that's my bad. Going forward, I won't be promising that things will happen consistently as I am very much becoming aware to the fact that that is just not how I work. From now on I will make posts whenever there is something of note to say.

Thankfully, despite that, I do actually have some good news! Since my last update, I have released a new game! You Donut Get It is a game where you roll around as a donut, that you control with your mouse, trying to complete difficult levels to dunk yourself into a coffee cup. The game is somewhat of a prototype / shareware version of a larger project I would like to create someday. The game came out on April 20th and has gotten over six-thousand views on itch.ioand almost $40 in donations since it's come out. The game far exceeded expectations and plans are already being made for adding more content and making a spin off. Patreons were also thanked in the credits for this game which i am very glad I remembered to do that this time.

This month is going to be dedicated to the May Wolf game jam, the same jam I made Noodles & Love last year. However, next month and the month after will probably be dedicated to Donuts.

Vampiric Munchies has been delayed due to Billy (artist) and Rye (musician) being busy with life stuff. We do plan on finishing that project at some point once things in our lives clear up a bit.

I also would like to release some unfinished projects to fill the gaps between new games.

Alrighty, that's about all the update you need. If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up in any way. I am always open to answering questions.

Thank you for your continued support and have a great rest if your day.

Matthew (Raccoon Formality)