The Pig Pen

Esape the cops!

Scaling Up Industries

Sci-fi FPS that will blow your socks off!

Parking Ticket Mayhem

Digital rage room about getting a parking ticket.

Heavy Trucking

Trucking sim for the Panic Playdate reminiscent of similar games from the mid-90s.

Noodles & Love

Gay furry visual novel for the Panic Playdate handheld.

Subby V. Squid

Simple game I made for the PlayJam.


Simple breakout clone I made to learn the Playdate SDK and get use to it in preparation for the PlayJam.

Last Chance

Short game made for the Bullet Hell Game Jam 2023.


A short game demo I made to learn the complexities of 3D gamedev.

Void In Capital

You must go to a nearby village to get everything you can.

Get Your Coffee

Get your coffee.


I made this game in around 2 hours because I was bored.

Need Not You

Your love means nothing and there are no secrets.

Glass Half Full

A short romance story about two men on a business trip.

Angry Crab

I made this game because I was angry.

Escape The Date

A bullet hell dating sim.

Slime Jumper

My first 2d platformer and I couldn't be prouder.